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Re: News-server difficulty

David B. linked Crucial:

Crucial 512MB DDR-400 UDIMM £15.59 inc. VAT
Crucial 1GB DDR-333 UDIMM £28.79 inc. VAT

That ram business on old hardware is a tough call.

What I do with my aging hardware is shop ram sales in a 'timely fashion'
when the current popular ram has been more recently upgraded. Quite some long time ago you could've probably bought that ram more cheaply.

It would definitely be more fun messing with linux distros to have 1.5G
ram than having only .76, but spending 30 pounds won't really make that
hardware worth much to anyone but you, and that/ what it is 'worth' to
you/ would depend on what you are going to do with it.

XP would only be good for a few Windows-only purposes which wouldn't
include browsing; the hardware could be used in a great many more ways
with linux.

Many people are in a situation in which they could get that ram *free*
from some scrapped old machine.  That would definitely be worth doing.

When I look at eBay I see a lot of 1G used DDR400 sticks for less than
9 USD.

Mike Easter
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