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Re: Mozilla acquires Pocket to gain a foothold on mobile devices

On 2017-02-28 11:29, Sailfish wrote:
My bloviated meandering follows what Luis graced us with on 2/28/2017
3:37 AM:
Sailfish wrote:
My bloviated meandering follows what Wolf K. graced us with on

Yeah, That's why my wife is considering to buy the new Nokia 3310 and
not buying another smartphone.

One of my daughters did the same thing. Mostly because she kept
unluckily purchasing smartphones that break easily (Note: she refused to
even slightly ruggedized them because ... fashion). Now, she only has a
fairly rugged flip phone and is very content with it.

In my case, I also use my smartphone as a GPS device and ended up giving
away my Garmin. Even for the phone, I have TracFone as my service
provider and get 1500 airtime mins, 1500 texts and 1.5GB data for
$10/mo. (with the pay once yearly plan). All of which have unused
rollover feature. I now have 12573 mins., 12971 texts and 11.83 GB data
accumulated. I'll never use them all. Maybe I'll give it to one of my
grandkids at some time in the future?

My primary use of the phone is as a camera. 2nd is news reading. 3rd is weather. 4th is phone/texting....

They're really pocket computers with phone capability. Speaking of which:

Have a good day,

Wolf K.
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