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Re: News-server difficulty

David B. wrote:
Mike Easter wrote:
David B. wrote:
then installed 17.3 Xfce - THAT is working MUCH better! :-)

Mint has inxi (actually just a big elaborate script) by default.

Use your command line and type:


Using the info from the first inxi, what is the ram in this 2400?

I've printed out your post.

One thing that greatly enhances your familiarity with linux is to use it for simple everyday activities like participating in newsgroups; assuming that the Dell is connected to the internet.

Mint comes with Tb, which is 'just like' the Mac version.

By using linux with newsgroups, commands can be copied and pasted when they are more elaborate than 'inxi'.

I don't recommend blindly pasting commands, but instead understanding what any command which someone suggests is expected to do before you even copy it, much less paste it.

So, what would be better than printing a post would be enabling Mint's Tb to access newsgroups such as moz or others.

I'll deal with it tomorrow, Mike.

Mike Easter
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