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Re: News-server difficulty

On 28/02/2017 21:46, Mike Easter wrote:
David B. wrote:
The only real problem I have, Mike, is that I have recently put my
Laptop (Toshiba) back to factory conditions - by using the long-ago
provided material on CDs - and it's now busily downloading Microsoft

You can pause that.  Are you talking about XP or Win7 or something else?

Windows 7

I HAD upgraded it to Windows 10 some months ago.

On my Dell Desktop I have installed Linux Mint!!!

Mint can telnet.  Mint can use Wine to run IDServe. Is that Dell the
Dimension 2400?


My choice of Mints for that hardware would be 17.3
XFCE.  I'm not sure about Mint 18 XFCE; I haven't tried it on my lowest
resource hardware with 1G ram and Celeron M which will probably inherit
MX 16 after Mint 17.3 expires.

Initially I had installed Cinnamon, but then I read that it needed 2GB RAM. I re-read what _you_ had said so then installed 17.3 Xfce - THAT is working MUCH better! :-)

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