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Re: News-server difficulty

Additional info on news.myplugbox.com

Somewhat/Slightly similar to the eternal-september server, there are (also) other groups available on that server which require user/pass.

That is, e-s allows no login connection and posting, but that only accesses the e-s groups. In order to get the general usenet groups on e-s, one must be reg'd and authenticate.

myplugbox also has additional groups which are not accessible absent the authentication. There doesn't (to me, yet) appear to be any published/posted guidelines for the moderation communication setup. I know/hear of the pizzazz and zep groups requiring auth.

Several years ago the moderator Allie could be contacted at asage19 <at> yahoo.com and one chooses their own user/pass. Another moderator back then 2013 was Annette apol1 <at> comcast.net

Since that contact information is so old, one might be better to communicate/post in the group server.news and let someone forward your news message to the moderator.

There are also other news servers which allow read-only non-authenticated but require auth credentials to post.

Mike Easter
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