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Re: News-server difficulty

David B. wrote:

What intrigues me is /HOW/ can he do it?

Any ideas?

Take this to mozilla.general group this server to prevent non-Tb off-topic moderation.

I think you are misinterpreting whatever you see Tb do when you try to access the server, and it is Tb's 'fault' for the/your misinterpretation.

If things don't 'go well' when Tb tries to engage the server, it (maybe I think)'thinks' the problem is user/pass, which is not the case here.

If, for example, your IP is blocked for some reason and Tb can't engage the news server 'customarily', then Tb 'thinks' there is a user/pass problem, which actually isn't the case.

I'm guessing (somewhat wildly) because I don't see the/your Tb alert and you haven't used the telnet/IDServe strategy yet to see the connection attemp result 'clearly'.

Mike Easter
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