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Re: King Donald

My bloviated meandering follows what Wolf K. graced us with on 2/21/2017 6:06 AM:
On 2017-02-20 13:10, Sailfish wrote:
Using the chart from above, from people making $100K and more, that

They, too, are "little people".

$100K isn't that much these days. The median US family/household income is around $55K.

Your reference suffers from extreme cutting and, perhaps, neglecting to review the source of my claim, as I will repost below:

[excerpt quote=\"
Income Tax revenue for 2016 was $3.27T USD, see

Using the chart from above, from people making $100K and more, that works out to be close to $3T being paid by them. For those working hourly wages (<$50K ~50%) that has them paying $0.2T, see
\" /]

"$100K and more" included the entire upper echelon of revenue earners, with $100K-$249K representing ~27% of total and $250K+ representing 51.6% of total.

However, I take little comfort that the very rich are paying the highest rate, it's that deficits and the National Debt continues to rise, seemingly, astronomically nowadays. So high, in fact, it means we will be a debtor nation "for as long as my grandchildren's children can see" further leaving the next generations futures in the hands of the foreign debt holders.

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