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Re: How to construct a Google Groups non-redundant URL for reference purposes

On Sat, 18 Feb 2017 02:09:34 +0000, Good Guy wrote:

> I have to say that you are the kindest person on these newsgroups so can 
> you tell us what is the catch?  

I'm probably nearly unique on Usenet, although people like me used to exist
in the past, since I learned from them myself.

For example, why do you think these URLs even work?

They work because "I" made them.

As a public service.
I made *hundreds* upon hundreds of them, in fact.

Just so that other people would benefit from all my actions.
It's how I'm wired.

I have been on Usenet for decades, and I follow the rule to always give
back, to always be courteous, to never get into a downward-spiraling
slugfest, and to always respond to EVERY valid post in a thread that I

I almost always *summarize* what we've learned in every thread (which is
usually not what we started out with), and I always check out all valid
suggestions, whether they be software or references. 

My language and diction and spelling and punctuation is as superb as I can
make it, allowing for my limitations (but always open to suggestion).

If you search on my nym, you'll find probably thousands of posts which
follow that philosophy of being a good Usenet citizen, in dozens of
newsgroups that I frequent.

In the past, I posted under other nyms, so, probably I have tens of
thousands of posts over the decades which all follow this basic moral
philosophy of asking a question and managing the thread and then giving
back to the team what we've collectively learned.

It's called "tribal knowledge".

Here's just one example of tribal knowledge that I've contributed:
My quick review of offline Android freeware mapping & routing applications

> Also, tell us is there any need for 
> doing whatever you are trying to solve? 

If you never needed to catch a fish, you'd have no need for learning how to
cast a fishing line, right?

Many people (almost all?) don't bother to reference where they received
their information, and, many forget that they have already hashed out in
the past the topic and have already come to a conclusion.

If you want to *find* and *reference* that fish, you want to do so using
DejaNews ... um ... ooops... I mean "google groups" search engines and
reference URLs.

For an example, see:
Firefox driving me nuts taking up 100% of the CPU

For another example, see:
What are the "good" default Firefox plugins/extensions & what can I

> How come none of the people who 
> are spending their entire life on these newsgroups haven't been able to 
> come out with this before?

I'm not sure what other people are doing, but I did run a search before I
had posted and I found too much stale and bad information about how to
reference a Usenet post in a thread using Firefox (which is my native

For example, this is stale information:

> How many newsgroups have you posted your message to?  to me it looks 
> like you have posted this on almost all the newsgroups I visit. Wast 
> this absolutely necessary?

I posted it to the newsgroup "I" visit.
That you visit the same newsgroups, simply means we have similar needs.

For example, see this ancient Linux newsgroup post of mine:
How to use Freeware to improve web browsing anonymity

To answer your question, you've probably never met a more altruistic person
than I am. I just want to help others.
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