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Re: How to construct a Google Groups non-redundant URL for reference purposes

Ken Whiton wrote:
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*-* Danny D. wrote
*-* About How to construct a Google Groups non-redundant URL for reference purposes

Here is how I just now figured out how to construct a non-redundant
Google Groups URL to a Usenet post from years ago. If you have a
better method,

     I do.

               please share,

     See below.

                             as I post this merely to share to help
others use Usenet as a reference.

I just did this today for the alt-home-repair newsgroup, so all I'm
doing is documenting the steps for others to be able to leverage in
the future.

     The first two words I thought of when I read your post were "Rube

          [ ... ]

5. The initial URLs are messy because they include redundant terms:

          [ ... ]

     Everything you detailed here is unnecessary, because Google
Groups will give you a non-redundant URL.

     At the top of each post, in a box to the right of the date, is a
small down-pointing arrow.  Hover your mouse over that arrow and
Google Groups will display a tooltip reading "More message actions".
Click on that arrow and the first item on the pop-up menu is "Link".
Click on that "Link" item and a box opens containing a link already
highlighted, ready for copying-and-pasting.

11. When you go to those four URLs, you get *new* Google URLs for

     The corresponding link provided by Google Groups follows each of
your "derived" links.

a. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/alt.home.repair/738YR8CPsLI


b. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/alt.home.repair/AGrGZc4i-RA


c. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/alt.home.repair/ifuMBLOoGXY


d. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/alt.home.repair/s0zBJNaT89Q


     They may be five characters longer than yours but they're a lot
easier to obtain. ;-) :-D

     [Cross-posted and follow-up set to mozilla.general]

                                        Ken Whiton

Another point is that without the final bit, i.e. using only the
penultimate identifier, you're providing a link to the thread.  With
the final identifier you get a link to the post.  In a long thread,
it's handy to have the link go directly to the post rather than
requiring the reader to pore through the thread to find it.

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