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Re: King Donald

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Disaster Master <disasterlistmanager@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> That said, belittling someone who was actually in the trenches
> fighting this monstrosity just shows you where your sympathies lie.
> Thanks for making it clear you are a Statist pig.

Sailfish I thought you were belittling Standring because Standring is a
kook with a savior complex, one who has cost a lot of dupes a lot of
money.  I'm very disappointed to find out I was wrong, that you were
belittling him just because you are a Statist pig.  Disgusting!  Sad! 

[snip multi-paragraph attempt to argue with so-called Statist pig]

> Anyway, I'm done, I don't waste time arguing with Statists, no point,

Well, at least one good thing's come of the thread!
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