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Re: King Donald

On 2/10/2017, 4:30:15 PM, Sailfish
<NIXCAPSsailfish@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Referring to Richard Standring as a, ahem, "tax researcher" is akin to 
> referring to Al Capone as a whiskey researcher.

Actually, I was just looking quickly for the reference to the Grace
Commission Report, which is where this determination was made, and which
is referenced before the reference to Standring - whom I've never heard
of, but that is not surprising, since there are hundreds of souls who
have gone down the numerous rabbit holes that is the IRC.

That said, belittling someone who was actually in the trenches fighting
this monstrosity just shows you where your sympathies lie. Thanks for
making it clear you are a Statist pig.

So... care to address the real point, the fact that The Grace Commission
determined that not one nickel of federal income taxes collected goes to
pay for any government services?

Of course, that was in 1985, but I imagine things haven't changed much
(maybe for the worse).

Or do you want to belittle the member of The Grace Commission too?

Anyway, I'm done, I don't waste time arguing with Statists, no point,
arguing with a Statist (one who worships the State as their God) is
worse than trying to argue with a Catholic.
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