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Re: King Donald

On 2/9/2017, 2:33:23 AM, Ron Hunter <rphunter@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 2/8/2017 5:12 PM, Wolf K. wrote:
>> On 2017-02-08 16:46, Ron Hunter wrote:
>>> How many people die each year from drugs?  Hint, more than die
>>> from guns, and cars put together.
>> I did a quick search for "annual deaths by cause in the USA". Lots of
>> hits. As usual, your numbers are simply wrong.
> Because they only keep the records by immediate cause, not effective 
> cause.

And you have the magic crystal ball that reveals the 'true cause' numbers?

> Often a death is recorded as a 'gun death', when the real cause 
> was a drug dealer who killed a 'customer' for trying to 'stiff' him. 
> Then there are the battles between drug dealers, and drug deals gone 
> bad.

Again, all of which would be (virtually) eliminated if drugs were legalized.

> Then there are the deaths caused by 
> improper use of prescription, and over the counter drugs.

Yep... so lets outlaw all of those as well. Silly people cannot be held
responsible for their own actions.
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