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Re: ping Walt, bug about add-on verification override

Caver1 wrote:
> »Q« wrote:
>> FYI.  Walt, in m.s.f you recently talked about filing a bug about the
>> fact that Fx can be configured not to verify add-ons.  I did file a bug
>> on it, which was eventually marked a dupe of a hidden bug.  That one's
>> been unhidden now,
>> <https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1292444>.  I won't try to
>> summarize -- I think to get a grip on the problem and what they might
>> do about it, you gotta read it through and chase the links to other
>> bugs, especially paying attention to Kaply's comments.
> Why is that a bug?

It isn't: "verification override" is a feature, and a welcome
feature to that.


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