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Re: King Donald

On 2/7/2017 10:50 AM, Wolf K. wrote:
On 2017-02-07 10:58, Disaster Master wrote:
On Tue Feb 07 2017 10:50:22 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time), Ron Hunter
<rphunter@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Ever hear the old saying "Your freedom to swing your fist ends where my
nose begins."  It applies in this case.
In some cases, where people are cooped up together and don't have a
choice (ie, on an airplane).

My objection is that smoke
permeates the airspace, even outside, and if my nose is affected, then
you freedom ended.
No, sorry, you are wrong.

Or, are you now going to promote outlawing - then fining and maybe
jailing for repeat offenders - those who choose to fart in your general
direction. [...]

When that smoke affects my lungs, you don't have a right to expose me to
it. What tipped the balance of opinion in Ontario was a waitress who
died of lung cancer in her 50s. She had never smoked, but she had worked
in bars all her life. The second-hand smoke there triggered the cancer
which killed her. She spent the last two years of her life campaigning
for work-place safety regulations to protect non-smoking workers.

A hotel/etc may set aside some rooms for smoking, but almost all are
smoke-free these days. One reason: guests hate the smell. Another
reason: cleaning costs. People who want to smoke can go outsdie for
their fix.

Not to forget the increased danger of burning the whole motel down!

PS 1: I smoked for 17 years, tried to quit twice, third try was
successful because I realised how much money was going up in smoke. At
today's prices (in Ontraio), I was smoking away about $350 a month.

PS 2: After an inital dip in business, bars and restaurants have enjoyed
an increase. Why? I think Because people who had stayed away to avoid
the smoke started eating out more. A side effect of no-smoking
regulationss has been a steady reduction in smoking. Smoking has not
been banned, you just can't do it anywhere you want any more.

Have a good day,

When the no-smoking trend began, one of the local cities was the first to prohibit smoking in all restaurants open to the public. The restaurant owners were screaming about all the business they would lose, but the law passed. Their next quarter profits increased more than 10%. For years, my wife and I would drive the extra 10 miles to avoid eating next to someone who was smoking.

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