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Re: King Donald

On 2/7/2017 9:22 AM, Disaster Master wrote:
On Mon Feb 06 2017 16:58:21 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time), Ron Hunter
<rphunter@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
If someone ie getting high in their own home, there is no damaged party
(people have the right to damage themselves, so that doesn't qualify).
Except, maybe landlords who have to replace things damaged, or children
who have no control of their parents actions in their presence.  When we
choose to live together, we have to accept limitations on our freedom.

Yeah, and how often does that happen right now with the War on Drugs in
full force?

Sorry, but you can play gumby/stretchy to justify just about anything if
you try hard enough.

The bottom line is, the rare and marginal risks simply don't even come
close to outweighing my Right to live my life as I see fit.

Ever hear the old saying "Your freedom to swing your fist ends where my nose begins." It applies in this case. My objection is that smoke permeates the airspace, even outside, and if my nose is affected, then you freedom ended. Was walking into a restaurant yesterday, and a woman was standing beside the building smoking. Even 15 feet away, downwind from her, and her smoke was annoying. Walking down the street leading to Pike Street Market one nice day in 2001, I had to sit down when I entered the market, and wait while the 'buzz' faded from the quantity of second hand pot smoke I inhaled in the one block walk! I can imagine how it is now!!

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