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Re: King Donald

On 2/6/2017, 2:21:01 AM, Ron Hunter <rphunter@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 2/5/2017 12:20 PM, Disaster Master wrote:
>> The point is, trying to legislate morality will never, ever work the way
>> those who want to do it would like to believe.
>> Legalize all drugs, tax them like alcohol, and funnel the tax revenue
>> into drug treatment programs for those that want it, and you turn a huge
>> net negative into a hug net positive, with one, simple
>> philosophical/legal flip of the switch.
> And a massive problem with ACTIONS.


> I am not concerned with the 
> morality, but the idea of a guy driving one the road with while under 
> the influence of PCP, or Heroin isn't something we need.

So you want to outlaw books, because some crazed lunatic might be
driving down the road engrossed in the latest Harrpy Potter
misadventure? (Note: I've actually seen people driving with a book
planted in their steering wheel).

Personally, I'm much more concerned about the morons I encounter every
day driving with their eyes fixated on their phones.

Much worse distraction in most cases - although, I do recall one time
when I was 16 or 17, driving right after doing a few lines of PCP - that
was crazy. I remember thinking I needed to slow down, but when I looked
at the speedo, I was doing about 15mph.

That said, it doesn't matter. All that is needed is one law, against
driving 'while impaired'. 'Impaired, can then be defined in the law to
include whatever you want it to include, including being high on
anything, or focusing on your phone.

> Did you see 
> the picture of the guy the cop tasered three times and he kept coming? 
> Finally a bystander helped take him down.  Chances are the guy was on 
> something like PCP that makes the taser ineffective.  Pretty bad trouble 
> for law enforcement!

Irrelevant. True criminal actions require a damaged third party - a
victim if you will.

If someone ie getting high in their own home, there is no damaged party
(people have the right to damage themselves, so that doesn't qualify).

> Of course, they didn't need a drug charge on this guy, as he had an 
> armory in his trunk, and was shouting terrorist slogans.

So there ya go.
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