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Re: King Donald

On 2/4/2017, 4:59:21 PM, Wolf K. <wolfmac@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 2017-02-04 14:52, Disaster Master wrote:
>> On 2/2/2017, 11:28:01 AM, Wolf K. <wolfmac@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> I'm amazed. If you really care about your State's education system, you
>>> would already have "look[ed]
>>> around at what is working for others, and emulate them, sometimes even
>>> improving on them."
>> Why would I waste my time doing something like that? I'm an I.T. guy for
>> a small 60+ employee company. not a King with the power to dissolve
>> entire government bureaucracies
> Well, if you think that ignorance qualifies you to have opinions, 
> there's no point talking to you.

Good, I look forward to not having to respond to your continuing inane
defense of a badly broken system.
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