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Re: Mozilla axes IoT project, cuts staff, backs off from commercial stuff

My bloviated meandering follows what Daniel graced us with on 2/5/2017 1:10 AM:
On 5/02/2017 9:27 AM, Sailfish wrote:


My original post primarily had to do with pointing out Mozilla improved
revenue and not the other content about the layoffs but since both Walt
and you mentioned it, it is somewhat peculiar as to the apparent
obfuscation of the revealing source. The closest I could find was this
vague quote in a CNET article below:

REF: https://www.cnet.com/news/mozilla-layoff-firefox-device-relevance/

[excerpt quote=\"
*Mozilla confirmed the cuts to the gadget group Thursday.*

"We have shifted our internal approach to the internet-of-things
opportunity," Mozilla said in a statement, "to step back from a focus on
launching and scaling commercial products to one focused on research and
advanced development, dissolving our connected devices initiative and
incorporating our internet-of-things explorations into an increased
focus on emerging technologies."
\" /]


Hmm!! Isn't "connected devices initiative" and "internet-of-things", more or less, the same thing??

Or must I update my Internet terminology again??

To my understanding, "connected devices initiative" was the Mozilla term/process that was created to encompassed both "connected devices" and IoT, see more below:



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