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Re: [OT] Yemen (wasRe: King Donald)

My bloviated meandering follows what Sailfish graced us with on 2/4/2017 2:48 PM:
My bloviated meandering follows what Ron Hunter graced us with on 2/4/2017 2:10 PM:
On 2/4/2017 12:59 PM, Sailfish wrote:
My bloviated meandering follows what Ron Hunter graced us with on
2/4/2017 10:36 AM:

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One, I didn't vote for any of the 2-party candidates, either. To answer
your question, just as I don't believe in laissez faire capitalism,
neither do I believe in middle class gutting free markets. Both must be

Two, sorry to hear that you have little care for your fellow US workers
just so you can get your paws on tainted "glitter and shiny" technology.

There is a difference between concern for workers, and wanting to be able to afford food shelter and clothing on a fixed income. Every time a union negotiates a raise, I lose standard of living! So don't cry to me about US workers, who have priced themselves out of many markets.

To take you literally, you clearly believe that all price increases are due to labor costs and none to increasing the companies' bottom line. And, of course, who could argue that when we can clearly see that reflecting on BigCorps barely teetering on bankruptcy... Oh, wait!

Ron, it seems like you might be a proponent of the anarcho-capitalism philosophy (queue Lew Rockwell) which is just as blind to its societal pitfalls as was alt-left progressivism (queue Karl Marx).

Yes, American workers have priced themselves out of almost all of the 3rd world workforce markets. Remind me again, why is making 10 cents to the dollar wages something to aspire to?

Since I postulated on your economic philosophy, I will be as forthcoming with mine. It's a quirky sprinkling of Aristotle and Yates*, neither of which were economists:

* There's some Machiavelli in there, too, but it mostly only involves Chapter 16 of The Prince

"I will explain the reason of this hereafter, when I speak of the revolutions of states. The mean condition of states is clearly best, for no other is free from faction; and where the middle class is large, there are least likely to be factions and dissensions. For a similar reason large states are less liable to faction than small ones, because in them the middle class is large; whereas in small states it is easy to divide all the citizens into two classes who are either rich or poor, and to leave nothing in the middle."

"Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;"

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