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[OT] Prisons and population growth (Was Re: King Donald)

On 2017-02-04 13:31, Ron Hunter wrote:
On 2/4/2017 9:53 AM, WaltS48 wrote:
It's nice to see [prison populations] are down in Texas also, or isn't there anything
they WANT there.

Oh, then why do about 5000 people a day manage to come across our
southern border, and more that that move to Texas from other states each

Let's see, that comes to about 1.8 million coming across the southern border every year. You say "more than that" from elsewhere in the USA, so if they all stay in Texas, that's at least 3,600,000 per year. Or at least a 13% annual growth rate for Texas. Or about 170% over a 5-year census period. That would mean that in 2021, Texas will have a population of about 47 million people.

The arithmetic shows that your numbers are dubious (I'm being polite).

I checked growth rate for the last US census period here:

Have a good day,

Wolf K.
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