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Re: King Donald

On Sat, 4 Feb 2017 02:43:57 -0600, in mozilla.general, Ron Hunter wrote: 

>On 2/2/2017 8:22 AM, Hartdonor wrote:
>> On Thu, 2 Feb 2017 03:06:10 -0600, in mozilla.general, Ron Hunter wrote:
>>> On 2/1/2017 3:51 PM, Hartdonor wrote:
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>>>>> On Wed Feb 01 2017 11:57:29 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time), Ron Hunter
>>>>> <rphunter@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>>>> I think you will find he has much more in mind than that.  I don't like
>>>>>> dynasties.  I don't want to live in a country where the political
>>>>>> leadership is vested in a family.  We have seen how that didn't work
>>>>>> well for England.
>>>>> It is hilarious the abject fear some people have of Trump.
>>>>> He has done nothing - absolutely NOTHING - to justify such a charge.
>>>> I think you'll find that his praise of Vladimir Putin as a "strong
>>>> leader" has people thinking that maybe he'll emulate Vladimir Putin.
>>>> True, he has DONE nothing. What he has SAID, however... Well, I don't
>>>> think he thinks things through before they pass his lips. During the
>>>> campaign, it was hard to tell what we should take seriously.
>>>> But now that he's the President, everything he says and does should be
>>>> taken seriously. The Bully Pulpit is a real thing. Saying things as a
>>>> President is action.
>>>> And when he praised Vladimir Putin, he praised an autocrat at the head of
>>>> corrupt oligarchy and beyond that imagination is a powerful thing, and
>>>> Trump has repeatedly defended Putin. To satisfy those people's
>>>> imaginations, he is going to have to demonstrate a respect for the rule
>>>> of law, and this immigration "pause" EO (I agree that it is disingenous
>>>> to call it a "Muslim ban," even if that was the intent), signed before
>>>> Mattis or Kelly knew it even existed (they say they found out from the
>>>> MSM) and without the input and partnership of leaders of key agencies
>>>> affected by the order, does not do much to mollify those ruminations.
>>>> He is behaving like his word is law and everyone else must adjust,
>>>> including principle affected agencies in our government. He claims that
>>>> the Acting AG "betrayed" the Justice Department. That's a word I expect
>>>> in Venezuelan politics, not here. He should be working *with* our
>>>> government. I don't understand why talking to Mattis or Kelly about this,
>>>> both who can absolutely be relied upon to keep the matter confidential as
>>>> a matter of strategy, was deemed to be telegraphing our intent to the
>>>> enemy. His method of making this policy was autocratic in style, so some
>>>> people immediately think of Putin, and they wonder.
>>>> I can't fault them for wondering. Trump is acting like he is CEO of the
>>>> U.S., not its President. This is what happens when you elect an
>>>> "outsider." He has demonstrated that he doesn't understand basic civics.
>>> Yes, Putin is a 'strong leader', but then so was Adolf Hitler, and
>>> Attila the Hun.  But then so was FDR, and Harry Truman.  So what is your
>>> point?
>> My point is that Putin is a terrible, dictatorial, authoritarian,
>> anti-democratic Russian nationalist who invaded the Ukraine, at least by
>> proxy and with materiel, and who mostly bombed anti-Assad forces instead
>> of ISIS in Syria.
>> And Trump repeatedly praised and praises him, and defended him against
>> the express warnings of the entire intelligence community for months.
>> But given the Bully Pulpit, and Trump's vaunted advertisements that he
>> was doing so as President Elect and then President, it is not the same as
>> having done nothing.
>> And that is disturbing to some and possibly indicative of his intent to
>> govern. So they have a reasonable doubt.
>> I'm personally just trying to make sense of it at this point. I suspect
>> he ascended to office having no idea how to properly execute that office,
>> and that the erratic nature of the first few weeks of his presidency,
>> especially the immigration order, are indicative of his smacking up
>> against a learning curve he was not prepared to face.
>> And I don't feel the Presidency is a job that comes with training wheels.
>> You ride, or you fall, and Trump has prominently and publicly fallen.
>Politics, as the saying goes, makes strange bedfellows.
>The question is, do we want Russia as a friend, trading partner, ally, 
>or an enemy?  Seems like a very simple question, with an obvious answer. 
>  You don't have to like Putin, but he is a fact of life, like weather, 
>and stupidity.  He is there, we have no way to control him, and we MUST 
>deal with him in some way.  Having people who know HOW to deal with him, 
>safely, is a definite positive factor, not a negative one.


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