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Re: King Donald

On 2/2/2017 8:27 AM, Disaster Master wrote:
On Wed Feb 01 2017 16:22:18 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time), WaltS48
<thalionusa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Don't have to legalize drugs to put penal system employees on welfare.

Pennsylvania is closing two State Correctional Institutes, including the
one here in Pittsburgh.

You sure thats not just because they are privatizing their prisons
(something I'm dead set against)?

Texas has some privatized prisons. I have a niece who works at one. No better, and probably no worse, than any other prison, from what she reports. It seems that dealing with people who refuse to obey the law is not prone to bringing out the best in people. Who would'a thunk dat?

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