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Re: King Donald

On 02/01/2017 11:53 PM, Martin Edwards wrote:
On 2/1/2017 9:20 PM, Disaster Master wrote:
Putting control back where it belongs (the hands of the parents and
local govt) will fix things up nicely.

Local government, yes.  Parents?  Come on.

Depends. Local government, at the time, was mostly concerned with dealing with court-ordered integration, which involved a lot of busing, and the part of the population that was fighting it. The actual education process took a distant third place. Second place, of course, was the teachers' union.

We made sure out kids knew language and math (our strong subjects) but the rest we left up to their schools. We should have just put them in the GOOD private school, the one you had to test to get into. What did we know? Schools were OK when we were kids.

Cheers. Bev
   It's not true that Lucas, in 1947, tried to get Parliament
   to repeal Ohm's Law. They withdrew their efforts when they
   met too much resistance.
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