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Re: [OT] Teachers (Was:Re: King Donald)

Wolf K. wrote:
Disaster Master wrote:

In addition we would need to abolish Teachers Unions, and engage in some
form of merit system.

There is, it's called the salary grid: the rows align with
qualifications, the columns with years of experience.

Years of experience and training don't necessarily reflect the aptitude of the teacher to teach effectively.

It is hard to believe that with all of the 'structure' and associated expenses surrounding the teaching business/profession, that that structure can't be made to be effective at evaluating how adept a teacher is at accomplishing teaching goals.

We all know there is enormous variability in the substrate of student makeup and ongoing variability in defining exactly what should be taught and tremendous corruption in the acquisition of materials to teach with, but still, the concept of 'merit' should be based on some important metric besides how many years some incompetent teacher has been functioning incompetently or how much time the same inept person decided to spend in school instead of or in addition to actually teaching.

Mike Easter
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