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Re: King Donald

On Thu Feb 02 2017 03:53:46 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time), Ron Hunter
<rphunter@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Some way to accurately assess the efficiency of teachers, and teaching 
> methods, IS needed.  Is testing the students the right way?  I don't 
> think so.  It ends up with teachers who have to 'teach to the test', 
> rather than teaching the curriculum.
> After 5 years subbing in three districts, I came away with a pretty good 
> idea of what ISN'T working.  We need some better ideas.

The above is a good idea, but without a penalty clause, fails miserably.

In addition we would need to abolish Teachers Unions, and engage in some
form of merit system.

I know a lot of people who just want school systems to be able to fire
bad teachers. They can't right now, and that is an extreme problem that
must be resolved, but rather than some 'board' having that power, how
about a free market solution?

I saw a Stossel show once on this, and a really interesting idea was
presented, whereby teachers would be rated, think like an online rating
system (there would have to be some kind of controls put in place), and
potential customers could sign their children up for their teacher of

Teachers would be in direct control of what they charge, just like
independent contractors. The more demand for their services, the more
they can charge.

So, basically a free market solution to teaching.

And with the advent of online courses, it would be possible for teachers
to maintain much larger classrooms.
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