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Re: King Donald

In <news:Rrqdnf3Adqg9bw_FnZ2dnUU7-dHNnZ2d@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
Ron Hunter <rphunter@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The fear of Trump is being stoked by the liberal media, and liberals
> who are telling outright LIES about Trump.  One of my great nieces
> confessed to her mother that she was afraid Trump would come to her
> school and rape her!  Where did she get this outrageous idea?

Probably she got wind of his bragging about pussy-grabbing;  it was big
in the news for a while.

> Hasn't she seen his WIFE?

Probably it didn't even occur to her that his most recent marriage would
have an impact on whether or not he's a sexual predator.

> Does she really think he would find her attractive, even if he 
> knew she existed?

She's unattractive?  I thought you were talking about a child.

> This kind of irrational fear can only come from an intensive
> propaganda operation, and outright brainwashing!

Assuming you were talking about a child, Trump's bragging about
grabbing female's pussies could easily lead to such fears, without an
intensive brainwashing operation.
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