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Re: King Donald

On Thu, 2 Feb 2017 03:06:10 -0600, in mozilla.general, Ron Hunter wrote: 

>On 2/1/2017 3:51 PM, Hartdonor wrote:
>> On Wed, 1 Feb 2017 13:28:56 -0500, in mozilla.general, Disaster Master
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>>> On Wed Feb 01 2017 11:57:29 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time), Ron Hunter
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>>>> I think you will find he has much more in mind than that.  I don't like
>>>> dynasties.  I don't want to live in a country where the political
>>>> leadership is vested in a family.  We have seen how that didn't work
>>>> well for England.
>>> It is hilarious the abject fear some people have of Trump.
>>> He has done nothing - absolutely NOTHING - to justify such a charge.
>> I think you'll find that his praise of Vladimir Putin as a "strong
>> leader" has people thinking that maybe he'll emulate Vladimir Putin.
>> True, he has DONE nothing. What he has SAID, however... Well, I don't
>> think he thinks things through before they pass his lips. During the
>> campaign, it was hard to tell what we should take seriously.
>> But now that he's the President, everything he says and does should be
>> taken seriously. The Bully Pulpit is a real thing. Saying things as a
>> President is action.
>> And when he praised Vladimir Putin, he praised an autocrat at the head of
>> corrupt oligarchy and beyond that imagination is a powerful thing, and
>> Trump has repeatedly defended Putin. To satisfy those people's
>> imaginations, he is going to have to demonstrate a respect for the rule
>> of law, and this immigration "pause" EO (I agree that it is disingenous
>> to call it a "Muslim ban," even if that was the intent), signed before
>> Mattis or Kelly knew it even existed (they say they found out from the
>> MSM) and without the input and partnership of leaders of key agencies
>> affected by the order, does not do much to mollify those ruminations.
>> He is behaving like his word is law and everyone else must adjust,
>> including principle affected agencies in our government. He claims that
>> the Acting AG "betrayed" the Justice Department. That's a word I expect
>> in Venezuelan politics, not here. He should be working *with* our
>> government. I don't understand why talking to Mattis or Kelly about this,
>> both who can absolutely be relied upon to keep the matter confidential as
>> a matter of strategy, was deemed to be telegraphing our intent to the
>> enemy. His method of making this policy was autocratic in style, so some
>> people immediately think of Putin, and they wonder.
>> I can't fault them for wondering. Trump is acting like he is CEO of the
>> U.S., not its President. This is what happens when you elect an
>> "outsider." He has demonstrated that he doesn't understand basic civics.
>Yes, Putin is a 'strong leader', but then so was Adolf Hitler, and 
>Attila the Hun.  But then so was FDR, and Harry Truman.  So what is your 

My point is that Putin is a terrible, dictatorial, authoritarian,
anti-democratic Russian nationalist who invaded the Ukraine, at least by
proxy and with materiel, and who mostly bombed anti-Assad forces instead
of ISIS in Syria.

And Trump repeatedly praised and praises him, and defended him against
the express warnings of the entire intelligence community for months.

But given the Bully Pulpit, and Trump's vaunted advertisements that he
was doing so as President Elect and then President, it is not the same as
having done nothing.

And that is disturbing to some and possibly indicative of his intent to
govern. So they have a reasonable doubt.

I'm personally just trying to make sense of it at this point. I suspect
he ascended to office having no idea how to properly execute that office,
and that the erratic nature of the first few weeks of his presidency,
especially the immigration order, are indicative of his smacking up
against a learning curve he was not prepared to face.

And I don't feel the Presidency is a job that comes with training wheels.
You ride, or you fall, and Trump has prominently and publicly fallen.

Give all you can, don't give more than you can.
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