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Re: King Donald

On Thu, 2 Feb 2017 19:52:20 +1100, in mozilla.general, Daniel wrote: 

>On 2/02/2017 8:51 AM, Hartdonor wrote:
>> And when he praised Vladimir Putin, he praised an autocrat at the head of
>> corrupt oligarchy and beyond that imagination is a powerful thing, and
>> Trump has repeatedly defended Putin. To satisfy those people's
>> imaginations, he is going to have to demonstrate a respect for the rule
>> of law, and this immigration "pause" EO (I agree that it is disingenous
>> to call it a "Muslim ban," even if that was the intent), signed before
>> Mattis or Kelly knew it even existed (they say they found out from the
>> MSM) and without the input and partnership of leaders of key agencies
>> affected by the order, does not do much to mollify those ruminations.
>DuckDuckGo gives such things as "MSM - Morehouse School of Medicine" and 
>"MSM Supplement Improves Joints, Allergies and Gut Health" .... neither 
>of which, I think, applies in this discussion, so, for the non-U.S. of 
>A'ians in this discussion, what does MSM mean ... in this discussion, 

Sorry. MainStream Media.

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