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Re: King Donald

On Tue Jan 31 2017 11:01:23 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time), Wolf K.
<wolfmac@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Trump's orders are to reinstate the laws that Obama was ignoring by his
>> fiats.  People are mostly pleased with this.
> Interesting, I didn't know that. Could you kindly cite the law(s) 
> reinstated by each of the Trump's executive orders?

No laws were 'reinstated' by any of Trumps EOs. Much of what they did
was simply to require the DOJ to actually start enforcing certain laws
dealing with immigration the Obama Admin decided they weren't going to

As to the so called 'muslim ban' (it isn't). Some have claimed that
Trump omitted certain countries like Saudi Arabia because of his
business dealings. This is patently false.

His TEMPORARY SUSPENSION (it isn't a permanent ban, and it isn't against
all Muslims as the mainstream media would have you believe) on REFUGEES
(NOT 'Muslims') from certain countries that are on the list maintained
by the State Department under the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and
Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015.- meaning, they are countries
known to harbor and promote terrorism and terrorists.

The fact is, he only has the legal authority to do this via EO for
countries that are on the

Trump is not a dictator. He is limited by law as to what he can and
cannot do via EO.

That said, the inclusion of Green Card holders, pushed by Bannon, was a
ridiculous and huge mistake, and had they not done that there would
likely not have been nearly as much of an outcry.

New Administrations always make clumsy mistakes like this in the
neginning, and apparently Trump is no different. Overall, though, I'm
fine with pretty much everyuthing he is doing. Imagine, a hardcore
supporter of charter schools and school choice being made the Sec of Ed!
Although I'd personally prefer to just see it 'banned'.
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