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Re: [Mingw-users] Problem with Ada in MinGW GCC-6.3 release

On Sunday, July 30, 201 Keith Marshall wrote
>On 27/07/17 16:22, David Gressett wrote:
>> Here is the source code of a simple program (test.adb) that fails to
> build:

... snip ...

>FWIW, this WJFFM with the cross-compiler, with which I built GCC-6.3.0 as a MinGW.org distributable suite:

... snip ...

>So, is this an issue with my crossed-native distribution build?  It clearly doesn't affect my cross-compiler itself.

I downloaded  the MinGW 6.3.0 source code  and built it as a native build; I used that to overwrite the original 
installation made by the graphical-mode installer. The problem disappeared.

I need to do some detective work to compare my overwritten MinGW directory structure with a
new installation.

My free time for such things has disappeared,  so I will probably not get to that until the weekend.

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