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Re: [Mingw-users] GCC-6.3 now available via mingw-get (was: GCC-6 and beyond)

On Mon, 24 Jul 2017 13:12:28 +0100, Keith Marshall via MinGW-users wrote:

> Given the lack of response, I'm assuming that you either don't care, or
> don't expect to be affected.  I've tried to keep the likely  fallout as
painless as
> possible, if you use the GUI interface to mingw-get, and you follow this
> upgrade procedure:

Thanks - this is helpful. Was just upgrading the MinGW32 suite to GCC6.

> 1) Update the catalogue, (via the "Installation" menu).


> 5) Repeat step (2), to revisit the "GCC Upgrade Blockers" category; if
>    any packages there show up as "installed" again, (there should be a
>    few), then repeat step (3) to remove them again; (they serve only to
>    resolve dependencies during installation/upgrade, but will be in the
>    way of future upgrades; I plan to modify mingw-get, to remove them
>    automatically, following installation/upgrade processing, but for
>    the time being we must rely on manual removal).

Just as a separate note: libmingwex-0.dll appears to be a dependency to GCC6
which GCC6 complains about not to find upon compilation. The GUI interface
to mingw-get does not automatically download it by default, but a manual
installation fixes the issue.   

> Regards,
> Keith.


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