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Re: [Mingw-users] GCC-6.3 now available via mingw-get (was: GCC-6 and beyond)

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On 17/07/17 12:58, Keith Marshall via MinGW-users wrote:
> Some of you may have already noticed that GCC-6.3 packages have been
> available, in our FRS, for some weeks now.  I'd now like to integrate
> these into the mingw-get delivery system,

This is now completed, and published; please see below, for guidance on 
the (somewhat unconventional) upgrade procedure.

> before I move on to looking at GCC-7, but in the process, I'd also
> like to (finally) eliminate the legacy of the degenerately broken
> package structure, which was introduced for GCC-4.8.1, (and has not
> been reproduced thereafter).

I've laid some groundwork, towards this objective; to do a thorough job 
may require modifications within mingw-get itself.

> So, do any of you still have MinGW.org's GCC-4.8.1 installed?  If so,
> are you willing to accept a procedural instruction to remove its "dev"
> component packages, before upgrading (or rolling back) to any other
> version?  Or otherwise, are you willing to accept, and deal with the
> swathe of "conflict" error diagnostics which mingw-get will emit, if I
> don't engage in the aforementioned XML gymnastics?

Given the lack of response, I'm assuming that you either don't care, or 
you don't expect to be affected.  I've tried to keep the likely  fallout 
as painless as possible, if you use the GUI interface to mingw-get, and 
you follow this upgrade procedure:

1) Update the catalogue, (via the "Installation" menu).

2) Navigate to the

       MinGW Base System
         MinGW Compiler Suite
           GCC Upgrade Blockers

   package category, (in the left hand pane).

3) If any packages, in this category, are marked as "installed", (or
   "installed/upgradeable"), select each one, mark for removal, and
   apply the changes, (again, via the "Installation" menu).

4) Backtrack up the navigation tree, to the "MinGW Compiler Suite",
   (or to "All Packages", if you prefer), select any packages you wish,
   and mark them for upgrade, or installation, as appropriate, (or use
   the "Mark All Upgrades" option, from the "Installation" menu, for a
   blanket upgrade of all previously installed packages), then apply
   the changes once more.

5) Repeat step (2), to revisit the "GCC Upgrade Blockers" category; if
   any packages there show up as "installed" again, (there should be a
   few), then repeat step (3) to remove them again; (they serve only to
   resolve dependencies during installation/upgrade, but will be in the
   way of future upgrades; I plan to modify mingw-get, to remove them
   automatically, following installation/upgrade processing, but for
   the time being we must rely on manual removal).
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