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Re: [Mingw-users] bash 4 for MSYS

On 7/16/2017 7:32 PM, Paul J. Hentschel wrote:
>>> BTW, the reason I am doing version 4.1 is because after this version,
>>> there is a problem with command substitution not working. A simple
>>> $(echo ls) or `echo ls` doesn't work.
>> I see that MSYS2 has Bash 4.3, so perhaps you could look in their patches
> to see
>> how they solved this.
> Thanks, I'll look into that. I wanted to get a working bash 4 build to use
> for
> comparison before trying to figure this out. If anyone knows what specific
> files in the bash source I should look at, that would be a big help.

As already mentioned in response to another post MSYS is an old (very
old) version of Cygwin.  You may need to build a debugging version of
MSYS itself and use strace to find failures within the MSYS DLL.  I can
imagine that BASH has evolved along with Cygwin and trying to build a
newer BASH using an older version of Cygwin would not work well.

You might try first to build BASH without the readline library to test
just the bash portion.  Readline is bloat that isn't required by bash
but is helpful for keyboard and screen management.


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