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Re: [Mingw-users] mingw setup and post-install

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On 14/07/17 22:38, mike wrote:
> I have been trying to install MinGW.  No matter what I do I get the 
> Basic Setup and I can't figure out how to install all packages under
> All Packages via the MinGW Installation Manager post-install.  In
> particular I can't get any of the doc or lic files for example and no
> it is not a PATH variable issue.  The packages just aren't there
> under c:\MinGW\bin and c:\MinGW\msys\1.0\bin.  Can someone tell me
> how to choose all the packages in MinGW Installation Manager and
> install them please?

You need to individually select those packages you wish to install, 
(i.e. click on the status button next to the package, then "Mark for 
Installation"), then...

> I can't see how to select all the packages shown and MinGW
> Installation Manager> Installation > Apply Changes is greyed out.

...this action will become available.

> I'm sure I'm just missing something really obvious.  And yes I want 
> everything.

No, you *really* don't ... unless you relish the prospect of manually 
resolving conflicts, and repairing a comprehensively broken system, 
after the event.  In particular, if you try to install any one of the 
modern GCC versions, (from GCC-4.x onwards), into the same system root 
as the older (incompatible) GCC-3.4.5 variant, (which some projects 
claim to require), you *will* introduce conflicts, which may not be 
as robustly handled as I would like, and which may break the system.

Most users (should) want to selectively, and incrementally, install 
just the packages they actually need, as their requirements evolve; 
mingw-get, (which is both a command line tool, and the underpinning 
of the GUI installation manager), is designed to both facilitate, and 
to encourage such evolutionary installation, in line with each user's 
clear understanding of their own individual requirements.

> And no I don't want an emulation layer like Cygwin or any kind of 
> virtualisation.

Which is just another reason why you *don't* want *everything*.  See, 
some packages offer choices between mingw32, and msys alternatives; in 
these cases you will want to select the mingw32 variant, because MSYS 
is a derivative of (an early version of) Cygwin, so represents a form 
of the very class of "emulation" layer you want to avoid, and the msys 
package choices will be dependent upon it.

Sorry, if this isn't the answer you were hoping for.  If you are still 
committed to finding an automated solution, while achieving the degree 
of accompanying selectivity which would be required, you should be able 
to create a locally specified "virtual" package list, identifying the 
set of primary packages you want to install, (as requirements of one, 
or more, "virtual" packages); tailor that to your precise needs, then 
you may install your selection from it, while still benefitting from mingw-get's dependency resolution, to capture anything you may have overlooked.  If you'd like to explore this technique, I can guide 
you through the necessary procedure.

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