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Re: [Mingw-users] clock_gettime

On 2017-05-29 00:38, DAVENPORT, MARC wrote:
> Is there any chance of clock_gettime being implemented in MinGW? MinGW64 has it but I don't like MinGW64. Source code is public domain. See link below. It would also need at least clockid_t and clock_getcpuclockid.
> https://github.com/mirror/mingw-w64/blob/master/mingw-w64-libraries/winpthreads/src/clock.c#L109

Hmm, their CLOCK_MONOTONIC wraps, and rather quickly too on some machines [1]; it's
nothing more than a dirty hack as it's not monotonic at all.

Unless I'm missing something non-obvious...


[1] I've seen machines wrap the performance counter within the hour, albeit many
    years ago, but the non-handling of the fundamental timer wrap problem persists.

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