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Re: [Mingw-users] CRT lib: potential memory leakage

On 5/7/2017 9:08 PM, Emanuel Falkenauer wrote:
>> A DLL cannot EXIT, AFAIK, it can only be unloaded.
> Sure, that's what I meant (sorry for the sloppy term).
>> When it is
>> unloaded, all of its memory is released.
> NOT sure, obviously (in particular: see below).

A DLL is in all rights a separate executable and controls it's own
resources.  Multiple runtime versions can also exacerbate your
experience if the resources cross DLL boundaries.  You have multiple
runtime versions when you have various DLL compiled with various
differing compilers.

> But anyway: as I said I'll try to construct a sufficiently SIMPLE 
> example to exhibit the disastrous consequences memory leaks can have. If 
> I succeed, I'll report back.

Please do, it will put us at a common reference.


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