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Re: [Mingw-users] CRT lib: potential memory leakage

On 05-May-17 21:00, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
>> Somehow I expected that answer - which is precisely why I said "it
>> accumulates over multiple runs of the same binary". If it really worked
>> as you say (and probably should), then the same memory should be reused
>> in all the runs after the first, i.e. NOT accumulate into gigs of RAM.
> I don't understand what you mean by "accumulated over multiple runs of
> the same binary".

Simple: run (and exit!) it ten times and you end up with ten times of 
its allocated RAM marked as unavailable.

> The OS has no way of knowing whether the same
> binary will be run again once its process terminates, so it cannot
> keep that process's memory "reserved" when the process no longer
> exists.  Moreover, modern Windows systems randomize the memory of a
> binary, so each run of the same binary will have different addresses
> allocated to it for the same code calling 'malloc'.  In this
> situation, accumulating memory over multiple runs makes even less
> sense.

I do agree with you - except it's simply NOT what we are experiencing.

I mentioned "the same binary" because there was in the past a "feature" 
in Win that kept DLLs in the RAM even after the parent process exited, 
supposedly for being able to activate them without the overhead of 
loading  again from the disc - Borland's DLLs were famous for that. But 
I confess I don't know whether that's still a "feature" in the latest Win.

> Once again, please show your evidence, in the form of running a
> program and looking at the system memory with some tool, which would
> show that some of the memory which was allocated by a process calling
> 'malloc' is still marked as used after it terminates.  I'm quite sure
> you draw erroneous conclusions from whatever observations you made,
> but it's impossible to point out specific mistakes without knowing the
> details.

I'll try to produce a convincing SIMPLE example (our stuff is not only 
classified, but really heavy) - keep you posted.

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