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Re: [Mingw-users] _XOPEN_SOURCE

>"If defined (with any value)"
>If the author intended that an empty reference was valid he would not
>have added "(with any value)".  

I don't know what you mean by empty reference, but

  #define ABC

defines a macro ABC with a value witch is zero characters.  It is common to
refer to that entity as a value; every programming language I know that has
a data type for text defines zero characters as one of its possible values.
The author said "any value" to let you know that it doesn't matter what value
the macro has, even the zero-character one.

But again, if you think the author might have considered zero characters not
to be a value, you have only to look at how he used the phrase "(with any
value)" elsewhere on the same page to know that it didn't.

As you're probably aware, other feature test macros, such as _BSD_SOURCE never
assigned any meaning to particular values, and therefore people essentially
always define it as the zero-character value.  It's the most logical value to
use when any value works.  And yet, this author said _BSD_SOURCE can have "any

This author knew that all C libraries at that time would accept any value,
even the zero-character one, for _XOPEN_SOURCE too.

Bryan Henderson San Jose, California

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