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Re: [Mingw-users] _XOPEN_SOURCE

On 4/24/2017 11:09 AM, Bryan Henderson wrote:
>> It does no such thing ... null string is explicitly "".
> OK, it was a mistake for me to use the word "string," since it has a specific
> other meaning in the C language.  I should have said null value or zero-length
> value.
> But there is no concept in the C macro language of a macro with no value (I
> think the technical term is "expansion") at all.
> And in case there's any doubt that the author of the Linux Programming
> Reference meant to include the zero-length value in the phrase "any value," as
> I said before, you just have to look at the other places he uses it on the
> same page -- In reference to situations where no one in the history of C
> programming has ever #defined a macro with anything but a zero-length value.

You need to update your reference material.  I'm assuming that your
"Linux Programmer's Reference" is Richard Petersen's book from 1999.
I'm a correct?  If so the book was obsolete the day it was produced as
things change so fast in our world that only the most current references
count for anything concrete.  If not, please provide a better reference
than just a title.


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