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Re: [Mingw-users] strtok_r() not implemented

Keith Marshall to Anton Shepelev:

>>>Of course, if you adopt this approach while link-
>>>ing with MSVCRT.DLL, then your  application  will
>>>not  run  on  any WinXP or earlier host; (it will
>>>abort with a "DLL entry point not  found"  excep-
>>>tion.   It would be possible to mitigate this, if
>>>there is sufficient user demand, by  providing  a
>>>(likely  simple)  MinGW  implementation  of  str-
>>>tok_r(); this would necessitate a formal  feature
>>>request ticket[2].
>>I  am  on  Windows  XP, so I will create a ticket.
>>Shall you need an implementation, or can you reuse
>>an existing one, or write your own?

Pray take no umbrage if I do it belatedly.

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