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[Mingw-users] arguments utilised for gcc downloads

MinGW Users,

The below of course does not relate to MinGW32, but I'm neither informed what FLAGS and configure arguments generally are for MinGW32 gcc versions. Could someone send me what these might be?

Here's a page regarding variables utilised on a GNU/Linux distro.


I am curious if my assessment that the configure arguments for mingw-w64-i686-gcc-6.1.0-1-any.pkg.tar.xz might have resulted in the appending of a duplicate entry for '-mtune= ', when I ran an emacs-25.1 configure script utilising that toolchain.  


"I thought to compile emacs-25.1, and manually installed the gcc-6.1.0-1 and dependency packages, but when I ran the configure script with CFLAGS and examined the config.log the CFLAGS had been appended with a duplicate entry for -mtune=."

Eric Lindblad

P.S. I'm not clear what the HTML policy is regarding the mailing list, whether this implies that URL links are not wanted in emails' content. My initial email regarding "macros for patches (haskell package)", sent after registering, has not been responded to, which, as above also contained links to my Internet log (blog).

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