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Re: [Mingw-users] I'm a newbie to MinGW. How Can I build MinGW from source?

On Feb 25, 2017 11:50pm: Keith wrote:
>You will exhaust it, if you keep calling me Keith Marshall-3.  Where 
>are you getting this from anyway?  It is not my name, and I find your 
>persistent use of it to be rather impolite.  My given name is Keith; 
>my family name is Marshall, and "-3" has no business to be there at 
>all; please, just call me Keith.

Firstly, I don't mean to offend you! :) 
Secondly,thanks for your forgiveness and patience.

>Are you still building against mingwrt-2.22.4?  Or did you switch to 
>the mingwrt-5.0 preview?  I didn't fall foul of it myself, but this is 
>a recently identified (upstream) GCC bug, and some other condition had 
>already prompted me to apply the workaround: 

I'm building against mingwrt-5.0 preview.  I take the workaround and build
the gcc compiler successfully. 
I have learned a lot from the building and your instructions. I mean it, not
just polite!

I wanna DIY gcc compiler. I want to use MinGW to build window-hosted ARM
toolchains. There are some known out-of-box tools  or windows installer, but
I think DIY at source level maybe more useful to me. At first, I need to
learn how to build the compiler from scratch. Am I take a hard way? Any

Best Regards!
Wang LingJun

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