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Re: [Mingw-users] msvcrt printf bug

Hi KHMan,

> The phrasing in Rick Regan's articles may mislead some folks.

I can't help to interpret your "folks" as derogatory and patronizing, 
but anyway...

> [...]
> Articles by R Regan, B Dawson, etc. discusses where are some exact
> tick marks on a line of all floating point values. These tick
> marks are the exact values of the binary formats of floating point
> floats and doubles. This concept is only useful if your value is
> precisely on a tick mark -- an artificial condition that can only
> be meaningfully enforced in mathematical studies like what they
> are doing.

Well, if BY DEFINITION their "tick marks" are exactly where a binary 
float can EVER fall, how would you construct "your value" that is NOT 
"precisely on a tick mark"? Unless they made a mathematical mistake (I 
admit I didn't read the detail of their papers to spot one), your 
objection has simply no sense whatsoever.

Lo and behold: contrary to popular belief of some "folks", not all 
mathematicians are loonies who have no idea how real world (e.g. 
computers) work.  ;-)




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