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Re: [Mingw-users] msvcrt printf bug


At the risk of wading into a thread that has become very heated, could I 
drag this back to technical matters.

I think everybody (apart maybe from the OP) agrees how floating point 
numbers behave. Keith makes a good point about rounding. Can I toss in 
another feature that changing the compiler optimisation level often 
reorders instructions meaning that rounding errors accumulate in 
different ways. So changing the optimisation level often slightly 
changes the numerical answers. :-\

Emanuel - The one thing I cannot grasp is that you have built s/w with a 
range of toolchains, but you are very focussed on obtaining exactly the 
same numerical answers - seemingly to the level of false precision - for 
each build. I am struggling to see the reason for this, especially as 
you are talking about a stochastic (GA) algorithm. Why is this such a 
big issue for you? You mentioned you work in aerospace. Is this some 
sort of ultra safety conscious aerospace certification thing?


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