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Re: [Mingw-users] msvcrt printf bug

Hi again, KHMan,


>>> Totally worries me that some embedded and aerospace folks have
>>> this kind of viewpoint. Often engineering folks are left to take
>>> up programming on their own devices and sometimes they end up
>>> grasping stuff in idiosyncratic ways. They can be very stubbornly
>>> sure of their views...
>> Well, that's a very "interesting" viewpoint... can you explain in what
>> way "embedded and aerospace folks" would make worse programmers than
>> yourself? What kind of "folks" are YOU?!
> Terribly sorry that you perceived it that way. It was not meant as
> a bad thing, it's just the way things are. "Idiosyncratic" does
> not imply "worse", just "different".

Nice try... but I will accept it, for the sake of the argument - just 
please, try to be HUMBLE in what you write: not all people are 
necessarily idiots (even though many actually are, indeed).

>> I HATE bragging, I really do (I think others should evaluate your
>> worth), but you forced me to it: I actually happen to have a PhD in
>> computer science, besides also having an engineering degree - do you? If
>> you need, google me (there is definitely just one Emanuel Falkenauer on
>> the whole web) - and don't skip Google Scholar.
>> Phew... you're frankly tiring with your supposed "grandiosity".
> I made an observation based on this thread only, I have no
> interest in checking out folks before talking to them on public
> mailing lists and adjusting myself based on their qualifications.
> Well, it would appear that being frank is an unloved habit on the
> Internet.

No, it certainly is NOT - but taking anybody else for fools just because 
they disagree with you IS. I have been totally frank in my posts as well 
- but I didn't consider you or anybody else automatically as being poor 
idiots just because they disagreed with me - all of them could have a 
valid point.

> You grabbed Alexandru's code very quickly, praised it,
> plugged it into I guess company code, then he reported a bug in
> it, now would you trust that code as high-quality mature code? ...
> this, over a number of far better choices.

Granted: there could indeed be better choices -  but with none of them 
readily available at this very moment (remember: I'm keen to have a look 
at Keith's (s)printf, to see how easy it would be to compile in 
Borland), Alexandru's code solved a BIG part of our troubles. Sure, it 
may not be perfect... but what is, really (the current printfs certainly 
aren't!)? Alexandru's procedure made me go from a million clicks of 
"Yeah, I know: that's a BOGUS discrepancy!" to NONE so far - that's a 
big progress IMHO!
Remember: I may have a PhD, but I'm still an engineer in my soul - which 
loosely means that I'm quite ready to adopt a solution that may sure be 
imperfect in some "esoteric" way but that DELIVERS ENOUGH for what I 
need to accomplish. And Alexandru's code did just that.



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