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Re: [Mingw-users] msvcrt printf bug

Keith, have a look here please:
Quote from the article:
>>>Every binary floating-point number has an exact decimal equivalent, which can be expressed as a >>>decimal string of finite length.

When I started this, I didn't know about this article. Also another in-depth look at float to decimal conversion from the same author:
Anyway, your solution to define _XOPEN_SOURCE does exactly what I initially needed, so thank you again.

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This thread now seems to have run its course; sadly, the level of
pervasive wide-spread ignorance it has demonstrated is depressing.
Yes, I deliberately said "consistently inaccurate"; see, cygwin's
printf() is ABSOLUTELY NOT more accurate than MinGW's, (or even
Microsoft's, probably, for that matter). You keep stating these
(sadly all too widely accepted) myths:
Every valid floating point representation that is not NaN or inf
corresponds to an exact, non recurring fraction representation in

In the general case, this is utter and absolute nonsense! Sure,
there are a few cases where it may be true -- cases which are
limited to those where the number of significant decimal digits generated does not exceed the representable precision of the
available binary digits within the underlying data type, AND the
significant digits of the represented value, when considered as
an unsigned integer, (after conversion of the exponent from base
two to base ten), are evenly divisible by ten, with no remainder.
In ALL other cases, (by far the majority), the value represented

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