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Re: [Mingw-users] msvcrt printf bug

Hi KHMan,

On 19-Jan-17 05:01, KHMan wrote:
> On 1/19/2017 8:36 AM, Keith Marshall wrote:
>> On 18/01/17 23:34, Emanuel Falkenauer wrote:
>> [snip snip]
>>> I would LOVE to use _your_ printf... but remember: the whole story is
>>> about comparing with Borland builds, where it's not available.
>> Well, you are always likely to be on a hiding to nothing, when
>> you compare apples with oranges, and expect identity -- in this
>> case, how can you possibly expect consistency between Borland's
>> proprietary (likely undisclosed) algorithm and A. N. Other's?
>> If you want guaranteed consistency, you'd better use identically
>> the same algorithm; what's to stop you compiling, and using, our printf() in your Borland builds, in place of their proprietary
>> alternative?
> Heh, I'm enjoying this thread, just kicking back now. :-) Once
> Bruce's blog post was disclosed it became obvious what Tei locked
> onto. Before that we were just guessing.
> Totally worries me that some embedded and aerospace folks have
> this kind of viewpoint. Often engineering folks are left to take
> up programming on their own devices and sometimes they end up
> grasping stuff in idiosyncratic ways. They can be very stubbornly
> sure of their views...

Well, that's a very "interesting" viewpoint... can you explain in what 
way "embedded and aerospace folks" would make worse programmers than 
yourself? What kind of "folks" are YOU?!

I HATE bragging, I really do (I think others should evaluate your 
worth), but you forced me to it: I actually happen to have a PhD in 
computer science, besides also having an engineering degree - do you? If 
you need, google me (there is definitely just one Emanuel Falkenauer on 
the whole web) - and don't skip Google Scholar.
Phew... you're frankly tiring with your supposed "grandiosity".

> I think Emanuel should seriously bite the bullet and use David
> Gay's code. It's the de facto standard among Open Source projects
> and probably many, many closed source projects or commercial apps
> all over the planet. It's probably much faster than an
> implementation of a basic conversion algorithm. Versions of it has
> accumulated over 25 years of usage in countless machines. All that
> is needed is just a one-time porting effort to your company's
> standards. After all, in the end it's just an ASCII representation
> ULP issue, CPU calcs were just fine. Just as nobody got fired for
> using IBM, it is hard to say that using well-used code from Bell
> Labs is bad decision-making. Looks like a no-brainer to me.

Don't worry: just waiting for Keith to get hold of their (s)printf 
sources to have a look at them.



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