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Re: [Mingw-users] undefined reference to _imp__*

On 1/17/2017 5:25 PM, Cervinka, Mitch wrote:
> Okay.  Yes, I'm seeing the imp prefixes in the lib file.
> However, the underscores are wrong.
> If I build the import library with DLLTOOL using the --no-leading-underscore option, and then use "nm -A" to examine the file, I see names like ...
>           __imp_SYMBOL1            (i.e. 2 underscores before imp and 1 before the name)
> If I build it without that option, the names look like this ...
>           __imp__SYMBOL1            (i.e. 2 underscores before imp and 2 before the name)
> However, the linker is looking for names like ...
>           _imp__SYMBOL1            (i.e. 1 underscore before imp and two before the name)
> In other words, DLLTOOL seems to always prefix imp with two underscores, but the linker is looking for names where imp is prefixed by only a single underscore.

Why are you using dlltool; it is no longer supported.

> I tried linking again, but am still seeing the "undefined reference" messages, due to the extra underscore.
> Any insights on how to handle this?

You don't need an import library.  You can link directly with the dll.

E. G.

If you have foo.dll in /PATH/TO/FOO then you can use

gcc -o foo.exe foo.o -L /PATH/TO/FOO -l foo


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