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Re: [Mingw-users] msvcrt printf bug

Hi KHMan,

Ok, apologies accepted! Above all, I hope Tei feels better...  :-)

I've been long enough in HPC to know that floats are of course not ideal 
- but when you need to allocate dozens of Gigs of data to hold info for 
dozens of threads running at the same time, they do become extremely 
valuable as an alternative to doubles (not to mention long doubles) 
because of their modest size.
But printing them has always been a pain in the neck - of course I 
figured out already in the 80-ties that you can print their binary 
contents instead, but it's really horrendously time consuming to then 
try to figure out "Oh my, is 0x0EA478A9 bigger or smaller than whatever 
in float?" Tei's code solves that problem for me once for all and across 
compilers, and I'm sure grateful for that help.

As I said: issue settled, no hard feelings left. Have a great day!


On 18-Jan-17 04:04, KHMan wrote:
> On 1/18/2017 10:44 AM, Emanuel Falkenauer wrote:
>> Hi KHMan,
>> Sorry, but you're WRONG: Tei's code is actually INVALUABLE to us (and
>> certainly not "Yawn"!!) - you'd be better off not berating him (or her?)
>> to be "a student" (why would "a student" be worse than you, btw?!) and
>> THINK about what (s)he has to say before making clearly wrong conclusions!
> Oh, so sorry for making you angry. I apologize, I apologize. Cheer
> up :-)
> I have always prefaced the gently-prodding student thing with
> "If". Check back if you think otherwise. I presumed Tei did not
> want to divulge any information of that sort. I think "berating"
> is a wrong characterization, now it's you who is doing that to me.
> Bruce Dawson's work is interesting, but some of the talk may be
> misleading to some folks. So he wants consistent ASCII
> representations, good for multi-platform work. float was fine for
> round trip, at the end he stated that VC++ double conversion may
> have issues. Interesting, but too many uses of 'exact' that makes
> me cringe.
> I thought everyone knew not to rely on exact ASCII representations
> across everywhere. Isn't it obvious from an engineering
> standpoint? Floating point is a lot about managing imperfection...

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