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[Mingw-users] undefined reference to _imp__*

I am trying to build an old Fortran program with GFortran (ver 5.3.0) on Windows 10 using MinGW.  It links in a DLL and calls various functions in that DLL.  When I build the program, I am seeing numerous errors like "undefined reference to '_imp__*', where * is the actual name of the function.  I have used Dependency Walker to view the names of the entry points in the DLL, and none of them begins with _imp__.  How do I tell the GFortran compiler to not expect the functions to begin with _imp__ ?

Here's a sample of the one of the function definitions in the INTERFACE block ...

         FUNCTION STMVPT (P,T) bind(C, name="STMVPT97")
            use iso_c_binding, only: c_double
!GCC$       attributes stdcall, dllimport     ::  STMVPT
            real    (kind=c_double)           ::  STMVPT
            real    (kind=c_double), value    ::  P
            real    (kind=c_double), value    ::  T

When I build my project, I am seeing the following message ...

       :  undefined reference to '_imp__STMVPT97@16'

Dependency Walker shows the following 2 names for this function's entry point ...


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